Monday, February 11, 2013


who’s that girl
hiding behind her past
dressed in golden yellow
disguising a heart
that beats like a gazelle
hunted by a lion
chasing its tail

she’s an aunt, sister
daughter and niece
godmother and friend
not so sure underneath
a life in turmoil
bursting with bright colors
navigating the contours
of her sex
without a map
to a destination

betrayed by a body
made of armor
like Houdini wore
chained and locked
sinking slowly
into the silent darkness
watching hope escape
in air bubbles that turn into tadpoles
rising to the surface
growing wings like birds
to fly away
into the cold dark night

lying in an impression
left by a snow angel
sleeping under a blanket of envious stars
with a dream of a sunrise
that will wake up tomorrow
to taste joy on her tongue
like honey
so sweet