Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simple Gifts

I received the greatest gift this year, and it's not even Christmas yet.  While the gesture was small, for me it was a momentous sign of acceptance and love.  Each year, for as long as I can remember, my parents sent out an annual Christmas card.  It’s always a photograph, and early on it was the entire family, at other times it could be various members of the family, or a special event from the year.   There are some classic photos from the early 70’s that capture, with great humor, the wonderful diversity within our family of nine.  The clothing and hair alone would be perfect specimens for a time capsule. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mutant Genes

Despite the extra glass of wine from the night before, I was halfway finished and feeling pretty good.  It’s remarkable what happens to your thoughts when you’re on a long run.  I’m sure everyone’s mind wanders, but for me, after an hour or so, it’s like meditation or a waking dream. I forget I’m running, and rehearse speeches I’ll never make, compose letters I’ll never write, sing songs without music, thank my heroes for being so courageous, say things to my family and friends I’ll never ever speak of, and believe in things that are unbelievable. Yes, I run for my health and the hope of longevity, but I run to feel me. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Election Day Part 2.

The news via our site manager wasn’t optimistic.  Polling numbers were showing a less than expected voter turn out, especially in Portland.  We made excuses for this alarming situation.  Was it all the early voting, absentee ballots, or was it the frigid cold day that were keeping the voters away? Stubborn and steadfast, we were not willing to accept defeat.  Led by our spiritual role model and site coordinator, our team soldiered on.  She and her partner have been waiting for this day for nearly 20 years.  I noticed on the way in to the office, a wedding dress hanging in the back of her Subaru. Apparently, she was planning on wearing it in the ballroom if we won.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Election Day Doughnuts

It’s funny now, looking back almost a month ago, what I remember about this year’s historic election.  I think my involvement started when a group of friends met for dinner at a Thai restaurant in late July.  It was a welcome change of location to get together and enjoy each other’s company away from our regular monthly group sessions.  We usually meet in a cold and impersonal college classroom.   While it was a stormy night, I remember being eager to see a new friend, but also happy to get caught up with people I had known for years.