Sunday, November 25, 2012

I’m Thankful For

A roommate, partner, and ex-wife who I call my friend
Brothers and sisters who accept me as their sister
Colleagues who believed in me
Doctors and health care providers who look after my wellness
Enthusiastic athletes who love track and field
Facebook “likes” and tumblr
Gender-queer and transgender teens who find hope
Hot Coffee in bed
Janet Mock’s intelligence, bravery and beauty

Kyle Minogue’s voice and cute behind
Lana Wachowshi’s speech
Maine TransNet for showing me a new world
Nieces and nephews who call me aunt Gia
Old friends and new ones who are great allies

Parents who love their children
Queen and drag queens
Running free

Students who inspired me to be Ms Drew
TSA agent who wished me a pleasant flight
Unsolicited compliments
Volunteers at Mainers United who made a difference
X-rays that see inside me
Your smile